Cloud Nine Training School For Dogs, occupying a warehouse space in Minnetonka at Encore Park, announces new courses for dogs and their owners as well as puppy social hour sessions.

Cloud Nine specializes in training dogs using gentle methods and effective, innovative techniques that result in satisfied, informed owners with happy, well-behaved dogs. Cloud Nine offers group classes, private lessons, workshops, and social activities for you and your dog during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends.

“We’re not a franchise; we are owner-operated and offer the most complete and personalized dog training experience in the Twin Cities,” says Dawn Falk, owner of Cloud Nine.

Cloud Nine specializes in obedience training, teaching owners how to properly train their canines to be well-mannered pets, therapy, agility dogs, nose-work dogs, and more.

“After more than 20 years of working with my own dogs, teaching obedience classes for another school, training assistance dog, attending seminars all over the country, and learning everything I could about canine training and behavior to that point, I decided it was time to start my own school,” says Falk.

Falk has been living, raising, training, showing, breeding, and rehabbing dogs for nearly 30 years, and has spent much of that time helping other people learn how to do the same.

Cloud Nine has two temperature-controlled training facilities, with 3,000 square feet in Hopkins and more than 7,000 square feet in Minnetonka. They offer a full schedule of classes at both locations as well as a variety of activities and seminars for students and their dogs to enjoy, including doggy gym, puppy play groups, small dog play groups, practice time for obedience, agility, and more.

“We help people to have well-behaved dogs to enjoy as part of their family. We have more than 30 years of experience raising and training dogs of all ages and breeds. We make training fun and painless,” says, Falk.

Cloud Nine offers an extensive curriculum for dogs of all ages, including obedience training, rally-o, conformation, nose work, tricks, training reactive dogs, and more. They also offer agility courses. Most courses contain five units. The agility course teaches activities that prepare you and your dog to do agility safely, confidently, and with clarity.

“Without a solid foundation, dogs cannot excel at the sport of agility and, in fact, can become frightened or get hurt; without a solid foundation, handlers cannot excel either and, in fact, can feel uncoordinated and do little but confuse their dogs,” says Falk.

During Puppy Social Hour, Cloud Nine aims to help people work through puppy ups and downs and channel that endless puppy energy while having fun while doing so. Clients can come once or come each week while the pup is between the ages of eight and 16 weeks. The company says the training is a great start for the newest member of any family.

Cloud Nine hosts numerous other training, skill, and discipline courses.

Registration is available now.

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