JGM Properties in Bloomington, Minnesota, has announced an increase in the number of Minneapolis commercial real estate listings currently available. The company pointed out that while there are several properties available for rent or lease, there are specific things that business owners should keep in mind when searching for business property.

“We try to always educate our clients on what to specifically look for,” explains Eli Russell, spokesperson for JGM Properties. “Whether looking for a residential property or somewhere to locate a business, there are things to keep in mind to ensure the best ROI for that property.”

The list of things to look for when searching for commercial real estate begins with location. “Location is everything in real estate,” declares Eli Russell. “This is especially true for a business.”

Choosing a location, according to JGM Properties, is not something that should be taken lightly. Ensuring the perfect location takes a bit of research, and entails a number of factors including nearby amenities as well as office space amenities. Budget is, of course, something to also be considered.

Russell recommends evaluating daily needs for office space to ensure that the right location is chosen. He states that it is also important to bear in mind that office locations will differ greatly from warehouse or medical facility location when determining prime target audience. He states that choosing an office space that provides a comfortable and safe environment for employees is paramount.

“You can’t have your employees fearing for their safety,” Eli Russell points out. “Choosing a location should be about employee safety and comfort, as well as your overall business needs, rather than about your customer.” He goes on to say that keeping employees happy is the best way to ensure business success.

Catering to employees with regards to location includes not only selecting a safe place but also choosing a location that provides minimal commute, at least for most office employees.

More about JGM Properties and the commercial real estate that they currently have for rent can be found at http://ift.tt/1JvxIoH. Those interested in leasing commercial properties can find more information at http://ift.tt/1JvxIoQ.

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