JGM Properties, a real estate company based in Bloomington, MN, has recently revealed new information on the types of commercial real estate in Minnesota. The company has completed extensive research on the commercial properties that are available in the area. This was done to ensure that the portfolio of properties they are offering for rent can handle the various needs of companies doing business or planning to conduct business there.

Eli Russell from JGM Properties says: “We have long been known for offering a huge portfolio of commercial properties across different areas of Minnesota. While our service has always been very popular, we became curious to know whether or not there were actually some specific types of properties we didn’t offer. This is why we completed the study in the types of properties that are available¬†so that we could adjust our portfolio accordingly.”

The research revealed first of all that there are seven different categories of types of Minnesota commercial real estate for lease. Within these categories, there are then further sub-categories. The seven major types are, office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hotels, land and special purpose.

“We have been doing particularly well on the office category,” adds Eli Russell. “We have plenty of Class A, B and C properties on our books, as well as Central Business District buildings and suburban office buildings. However, we feel we have not been offering sufficient commercial land, including greenfield land, infill land and brownfield land. On the other hand, we haven’t had any requests for this type of land either, so we aren’t actively looking at adding it to our portfolio.”

Hotels are also less common when it comes to commercial real estate because demand is less high as well. However, if there are requests, they tend to be for full service hotels, limited service hotels and extended stay hotels. In most cases, however, these buildings are custom created for the client and they are owned rather than rented.

JGM Properties, as can be seen on their website http://ift.tt/1FfHLi3, also has a good number of industrial properties available. These include heavy manufacturing buildings, light assembly factories, flex warehouse, and bulk warehouse. Customers are encouraged to contact the company for all their commercial real estate needs.

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via JGM Properties

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