Caribou Corner

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New Hope Retail Space for Lease

Retail Mall, with great freeway frontage. Located at the corner of Hwy 169 & 36th Avenue (right at the top of the exit). Rent a retail space near Minneapolis!

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  • Located off Hwy 169 and 36th Avenue exit (near I-94).
  • Close proximity to Plymouth, Golden Valley, St Louis Park, Crystal, Maple Grove, and Minneapolis.
  • 90,000+ daily traffic counts.
  • Strong demographics in the area.
  • Ample free parking is available.
  • Anchored by Caribou Coffee.
  • Freeway signage available.
  • Custom build-outs available.
Life is chaos, but there is new hope to be found at… you guessed it… New Hope!

Hmm… Let’s see… Are there any advantages to leasing a space at a major commercial center? Ummm… other than the crazy foot traffic, excessive driver-byers (we have submitted to Oxford dictionary and think they will add “driver-byers” soon considering they just added “binge-watch,” “cray,” and “vape” last year), and the free advertising thanks to your neighbors. The answer is an overwhelming YES!

This bustling retail center boasts over 90,000 traffic counts along with strong demographics. Caribou Coffee is the cornerstone corporate giants that tentpoles the location, but other strong tenants include a Vietnamese restaurant, karate studio, barbershop, nail salon, daycare, chiropractic & wellness center, pizza chain, high-end dog supplies, e-cig shop, and tailor.

This location is ideal for anyone who could use foot traffic that will bring in new clients whether it’s starting a new business or expanding to new, exciting locations.

Located at the corner of Highway 169 and 36th Avenue, right at the top of the exit, JGM Property’s New Hope retail unit is in a prime area to start, revive, or expand a business. This property has close proximity to Plymouth, Crystal, Golden Valley, St Louis Park, Maple Grove, and Minneapolis which means any time someone in the NW section of the Twin Cities pulls over for a cup of coffee; you have a potential new client.

Eli at JGM Properties does the best he can to ensure success for a client, but often times it’s in the business owner’s hands to capitalize on the opportunity. This is not one of those situations. This is JGM comfortably signing over a space we are confident only good will come out of.

The location is right, the location is rare, the location is ready to be yours. Call Eli at JGM Properties today.

We certainly aren’t going to be the one to open Pandora ’s Box, but now that you’re here and now that it’s open, you know… there is nothing but hope left. “New Hope that is.”

The Caribou Coffee commercial center is obviously a favorite when it comes to JGM Properties based solely on location, but there is a lot more that goes into becoming a member of the family… we will never simply scratch the surface. Here at JGM, we like to get down to the basics. We like to explore the foundation that our lifelong landlord-tenant relationship can be based upon.

Of course all of the great amenities that come with any JGM Property location still apply here such as heat and central air, regular maintenance, ample parking, and security measures. There is more to leasing space in a retail center then just the benefit of foot traffic, you get neighbors! Whether you need to borrow a cup or sugar, take a karate class, or grab some great Vietnamese food, the Caribou Corner tenants are ready to welcome their new tenant/neighbor with open arms.

The New Hope Caribou Coffee Retail Center is one of our best properties, in one of our best locations, at an affordable rate. There are no gimmicks or super sales because the site is too good for that.

If you’re interested, this amazing space is available for a limited time at below market pricing. Our vacant units in the Caribou Coffee retail center are waiting for you, but they won’t wait forever….

Call Eli at JGM Properties today.

 9400 36th Avenue North New Hope MN 55427




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