Energy Park Drive

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St Paul Warehouse Office Space for Lease

If you need office or warehouse space for rent or lease in St Paul this property has the options you’re looking for.

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  • Great St Paul Midway location with easy access to Hwy 280 and and I-94.
  • Close proximity to downtown St Paul & Minneapolis, Roseville, Falcon Heights and South St Paul.
  • Served by Route 3 Metro Transit bus service.
  • Well maintained space with the ability to expand.
  • Office, Warehouse, and Tech space with drive-in and dock-high doors.
  • Ample parking is available.
  • Warehouse & Tech space available with heat & air conditioning.
  • Custom build-outs available.

Where oh where can you find a great office and warehouse in St. Paul?

JGM Properties has several locations available at Energy Park. Can you feel the ENERGY of Energy Park and its easy access to highway 280 and I-94?!

You’ll be shouting LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION when you realize how close you can work to downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis, Roseville, and NE Minneapolis!

An office or warehouse space in such a central location is obviously served by the Route 3 Metro Transit Bus Service. Within walking distance of several great restaurants and bars for lunch, or those days where you just need to get out of the office (yes, we all have them). If you’re living or working in St. Paul, Minnesota then you need to lease through JGM Properties because we understand if you’re living in the state capital, you should be saving great capital (on your monthly rent).

We understand that you work hard, but we hope that you also play hard… If that’s the case, then you will be happy to know that the Energy Park spaces available to lease are close to the Como Park Zoo, and hold your horses… literally… for the Minnesota State Fairgrounds!

Enough with the appetizers, let’s dish. Let’s talk about the properties. Mmm… the properties.

JGM prides itself in providing spaces that have been, and will always be, carefully maintained. The office and warehouse spaces at Energy Park (can you feel the ENERGY yet?!?!) are unique in that they are available as is with the potential to upgrade or expand when you are ready. You even have the option to customize build-outs if desired. Basically, you’re the customer, so you’re right. Just like the expression “happy wife, happy life” we at JGM like to say “happy customer, happy thumbs up sir.”

Okay, we aren’t great at rhymes, but that’s only because we are so busy making sure the office, warehouse, and tech spaces at Energy Park are exactly what you need to start your own business, expand your company, or simply relocate.

At JGM we firmly believe you’re our guest and we’re lucky to have you. So as a happy host, it’s time we welcome you with some luxurious amenities… Every space in Energy Park, whether it’s warehouse, office, tech (or all 3 if that’s what you’re looking for!) boast central heat and air. And that wouldn’t be a big deal if you lived in the Carolinas or anywhere with moderate weather, but if you’re a true Minnesotan you know the winters are freezing and the summers are boiling. There might be times in April or September you would be comfortable in a work space without JGM’s top of the line central heating and air, but we think your business means a little more to you than that. We believe you are passionate about what you do and that being happy in a clean, comfortable, affordable location should be a given when you have so many other crucial things to deal with on a day-to-day basis. What else do we think you shouldn’t have to deal with? Street parking! What are you, some kind of peasant? JGM Properties is happy to assure you, that we have ample parking in front of the building.

So, in summary… If you’re looking for office, warehouse, or tech space in St. Paul, Minnesota and you like all things awesome, you should really check out JGM’s multiple available properties. We offer quality space in amazing locations with incredible amenities with a terrific landlord who ensures the best maintenance. Think we are over-selling it? Well, ante up and bet on us… Call us today and ask about how you can receive 50% off your first month’s rent!!!

Check out our other St Paul office space location next door at 1350-1380 Energy Lane, to see what’s also currently available for office space options at that location:

 1400-1410 Energy Park Drive St Paul, MN 55108








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