Online retailer Northwoods Warehouse, occupying a warehouse space in Medicine Lake Property, now offers a large selection of q-standard fans, Jack Daniels products, home care products, gardening tools, and more.

Northwoods Warehouse’s online catalog caters to heavy duty DIY’ers, contractors, and light industrial workers. Their catalog carries a wide array of goods for the home and workplace. They carry hardware such as cargo carriers, portable generators, hoists and winches, power cords, and work gloves. They offer heating and cooling equipment such as: air conditioners, blowers, dehumidifiers, evaporative coolers, and fans.

“Our online store is fast, flexible, and most important, simple. You came here to shop and then to get on with your life. Whether you have finally moved on from borrowing your dad’s tools and are starting to build your own collection, or you’re looking to upgrade what you have for a higher quality replacement, Northwoods Warehouse is here to help,” says Krista Skoog of Northwoods Warehouse.

For lawn care, Northwoods Warehouse carries gardening tools, ground maintenance equipment, such as sweepers and aerators, and logging tools. For home décor, they offer a selection of bar and recreational products such as: popcorn poppers to hot dog rollers, wine coolers to Jack Daniel’s Rolling Coolers.

“Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your Man Cave or getting your house prepared for a power outage, Northwoods Warehouse’s online hardware retail store has you covered. We want to shop where we are appreciated. At Northwoods Warehouse, we are thankful for each and every customer that clicks through our catalog. That’s why we strive to bring you the best retail experience possible,” says Skoog.

The Northwoods Warehouse retail team brings a diverse background ranging from merchandising and sales, to tools and equipment specialists.

“And in our view, your experience doesn’t end with your purchase. After all, the product itself will be our most lasting impression. We believe the quality of our customer service must be matched by the quality of the products we sell, which is why we only stock products built to last,” says Skoog.

Purchases can be returned within 30 days of the delivery of your merchandise with authorization. This is accomplished by completing the Return Request Form.

JGM Properties was founded in 1980 and owns and manages the Plymouth warehouse and office location Medicine Lake Property, as well as 15 suburban Minneapolis warehouse, and office space properties.  JGM Properties works with over 300 tenants, including Northwoods Warehouse to provide office, warehouse, medical, and retail space for lease in the Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Twin Cities metro area.

from Press Advantage
via JGM Properties

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