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Crossfit Uffda Now Offers Intro Package

CrossFit studio, Uffda, occupying a space in Carlson Business Center, now offers new customers an intro package that includes five introductory classes and two weeks of unlimited CrossFit classes for $89.00 (a $229.00 value). CrossFit targets what it calls the major components of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, power, speed, […]

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Northwoods Warehouse Now Offering Huge Selection Of Q-Standard Fans and Jack Daniels Products

Online retailer Northwoods Warehouse, occupying a warehouse space in Medicine Lake Property, now offers a large selection of q-standard fans, Jack Daniels products, home care products, gardening tools, and more. Northwoods Warehouse’s online catalog caters to heavy duty DIY’ers, contractors, and light industrial workers. Their catalog carries a wide array of goods for the home […]

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Trust In Us Now Offers Court Ordered And Mobile Testing

Drug and alcohol testing services, Trust In Us, occupying an office space in Central Midway, offers testing for court orders as well as testing services for businesses, including mobile testing. Trust In Us offers complete drug and alcohol testing services for federal and non-federal programs. They take care of the collection, testing, and MRO, (certified […]

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True North-Compass Awarded ELD Master Contract

Consulting firm True North-Compass, occupying an office space in Century Office Park, was awarded an Enterprise Learning & Development (ELD) master contract. True North is an evidence-based process consulting firm offering a wide range of solutions. Their training and consulting services focus on their clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: operational excellence, business skill development, […]

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