University Center II

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Fridley Office and Warehouse Space for Lease, Near Minneapolis

Do you need office, warehouse, or showroom space for lease in Fridley?
If so we have a great option for you…

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  • Located Near 694, 94, and 35W
  • Close Proximity to: Minneapolis, New Brighton, Blaine, and Brooklyn Park
  • Units Ranging in Size from 1,000-10,000 SQFT
  • Office, Warehouse, and Showroom Combos Available
  • Drive-In Doors
  • Ample Parking Available
  • 13 Foot Ceilings
  • Heavy Power Available
  • Custom Build-Outs Available
Just like Empire Strikes Back, here’s another case where the sequel is better than the original…

It seemed as though University Center I was the greatest location in the world to lease an office space, but now JGM Properties is happy to present… for a limited time only… office, warehouse, and showroom spaces in UNIVERSITY CENTER PART II!!!!

University Center II is adjacent to University Center I in the northwest quadrant of University Avenue NE and 79th Avenue NE in Fridley, Minnesota. Fridley is located a short six miles from downtown Minneapolis which gives you all the professionalism, public transportation, networking, and social possibilities of operating a big city business. However, as a suburb of the Twin Cities, our Fridley location also offers the convenience of lowered cost, accessibility, and ample parking. The building is in an excellent location with great proximity to Highway 65, Highway 10/610, and Interstate 694.

Being so close to downtown Minneapolis there is a variety of wonderful restaurants, bars, museums, and sports arenas nearby for when the busy work day comes to a close. Target Center and Target Field are both a straight shot on I-94 from the University Center locations. What better business outings could you offer besides taking in the Timberwolves, the Twins, or a concert? (And if you want to go just for fun, we promise not to tell anyone! In fact we think you work so hard, you deserve to make the easy walk to Fridley’s Famous Broadway Pizza anytime you want where they offer cold drinks, delicious food, and pull tabs if you want to try your luck!)

A unique feature we are able to offer at the University Center II location, thanks to the fact we have multiple units available, is that you are able to select exactly what you want and even create your own combination of office, warehouse, and showroom spaces. Or select another office space at our Fridley office space property next door.

Call Eli today to find out how you can join our exclusive, happy, and prosperous clientele here at JGM Properties.

Forget everything but Fridley!

The deluxe units at our University Center II location include small to medium-size office, warehouse, and showroom spaces available for lease. Whether you’re starting a business, relocating, or expanding, JGM understands and accommodates your needs by offering flexible contracts so we can grow with you.

The office spaces sport ceilings that are 10 feet high. All JGM of the units have central heat and air throughout. The spacious warehouse spaces have ceilings that are 13 feet high because when you’re a client with JGM, the sky’s the limit and things are always looking up, up, up!!! The warehouse units also have drive-in doors to ensure complete ease with any incoming or outgoing deliveries.

It’s no coincidence the smartest decision you can make for your business is to lease one of our spaces at University Center II. We go to universities to grow as people and ensure success in a bright future; leasing a space at University Center II with JGM Properties is no different. You know what you want the best deal; and if you’re our tenant, we know how to take you there.

As, Abram Fridley, the politician for whom this wonderful town is named, once said… “You should give Eli a call today.” Okay, we might not have fact-checked that, but can you prove he never said that? There were phones and people named Eli when Fridley, Minnesota was named in 1879. See how much you’re learning? It’s like you’ve already joined our team here at the University Center!

In all seriousness, at JGM Properties we work tirelessly to keep our clients, who we consider family, happy, wealthy, and wise. Our office, warehouse, and showroom spaces at the University Center II location are great units currently being offered at an affordable rate. Call Eli at JGM Properties and he would be happy to show you the spaces, go over details, answer any questions, and tell you how you can receive 50% off your first month’s rent. Don’t let your tomorrows turn into unremarkable yesterdays.

Call Eli today and let your future begin.

 7920-7954 University Avenue NE Fridley, MN 55432




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